Election Result 2015

Those who, like myself, identify as left wing, will be probably demoralised by the fact we have a Conservative majority government. There is no doubt that the next 5 years will be difficult for many of us, with £30 billion of cuts, including £12 billion of welfare cuts. However, in the words of Frederick Douglass, “Power concedes nothing without a demand”. We must keep demanding and we must remain hopeful; demand and hope are catalysts of change. Throughout history remarkable odds have been fought against- those who fought for women’s suffrage, for LGBTQ rights, the Tollpuddle Martyrs, the chartists, those who struggled against apartheid in South Africa are a few examples. The world has witnessed huge changes if we fight for what we believe in, we can change our world. The SNP victory in Scotland, whilst they may not be a socialist party, is proof of how quickly fortunes can change if we compare their number of seats in 2010 to the outcome of the current election. Yes, the future appears bleak, but if we continue to resist, if we continue to voice an alternative, and if we remain united, we can win this battle together.


2 thoughts on “Election Result 2015

  1. Are you comparing current Labour voters with the suffragettes? Having a middle right government rather than a middle left one isn’t a huge social injustice.


    • No, not at all. I was just reminding those who have similar views to mine that even if this seems like a setback and they feel disappointed, we have seen huge social changes in the past. Therefore, even if this government were to carry out some radical reforms we still have the ability to change it because our ancestors have fought against odds which have been far greater.


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