Liebster Awards- Thank you Noor

Where is your favourite place to be?

Having moved around a lot I find it virtually impossible to answer this question. I think living in 5 different places has made me a little confused about where I want to be. My favourite place also seems to fluctuate frequently, because it’s dependent upon how I felt in a place, so if something comes along to change my view of a place I’m undecided again. For the moment I’m tempted to say York, but I suspect that that answer may change in the future.

Who is your hero (fictional or real) and why?

I find it difficult to describe anyone as a hero. There are certainly people I admire, but I think there is a distinction between admiration and heroism. The word hero implies a degree of perfection, and I don’t believe that anyone is perfect; everyone has flaws, and hopefully most people strive to better themselves. For that reason, I am wary of investing myself too heavily in people- you never know when something may shatter your image of someone.

Feelings about the 2015 General Election?

See my previous post.

Do you have a way of picking yourself up when you’re down?

Not particularly, just have to wait for it to subside. I think getting passionate about an issue doesn’t necessarily help in itself, but it often pushes my mood to one side for long enough for me to recover.

Do you think you have changed since being at university?

I think I’ve become a little more confident and more sociable. I also put more thought into responses to issues and I am more open to questioning myself. I’m certainly more left wing than I already was.

How often do you nod or smile, even if you don’t know what’s being said?


Best dessert you’ve ever eaten?

Can’t decide, so I’ll have to say Eton Mess, at Bill’s, in York. I’ll probably change my mind in a minute!

Do you prefer to be alone, in smaller groups, or in big groups?

Generally small groups, but I also need a lot of time on my own.

What do you miss most about your childhood?

It used to be sunnier (at least as I remember it).


3 thoughts on “Liebster Awards- Thank you Noor

    • Haha, well it wasn’t too much of a difference really. I went from being a social democrat to a democratic socialist (which is a very broad term, but I prefer not to box and categorize my ideology too much).


      • Although democratic socialist is sometimes used to mean social democracy, so it’s a bit confusing. Basically I went from thinking the capitalist system could be made to work for everyone, to thinking that it required democratic reform to move away from it entirely.


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